Price List

General Price List

Below is our general pricing list. Pricing is based on the listed square footage of the property. Other factors such as the age of the property can impact pricing. We would love the opportunity to quote a price on the property you are interested in purchasing.

Property Square Footage

1000 – 1500
1500 – 2000
2000 – 2500
2500- 3000
3000 – 3500

Inspection Fee

Individually Priced

Additional Fees

Fee for Inspections paid at closing                             $50
If you’re paying at closing, we have to wait a little while to be paid!

Property older than 2000                                           Depending on age $25 – $100
We love to inspect older properties, but they take a little longer! Estimates will be provided prior to inspection.

Trip Fee                                                                  $100
We’re glad to come back, but gas isn’t cheap!

Traveling distances over 30 miles may be subject to an additional fee.  We will gladly travel to any destination to inspect your investment, but some additional cost may be needed to cover expenses!  Estimates will be given prior to inspection.


Structural Inspection and Documentation

Structural Letters                                                  $250
We offer structural inspections and provide professional documentation when needed for lender requiremets.


Testing Services Available

Short term Radon Testing                                 $150-200
We will perform a radon test for you!  Prices are subject to change based on location.  We’ll give you a quote!

Water Sampling and Analysis
If the property you are looking to buy has a well, lender requirements may require testing. Different styles and types of loans have different requirements. Find out what you need and give us a call!

Biologicals, Nitrate/Nitrite, Lead                                  $250